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Jane says….

Use The Scale Wisely

This was my month to lose some serious weight. I had decided to start
working out, get on my bike at home and had FitGirlsNW put a TRX work
out together for me to do in my garage. Something I could actually
fit into my day and get it done! read more…

I love cleansing (call me a freak, but I do)

Jane Says….

I LOVE cleansing! (Call me a freak, but I do)

Six months ago if you said “you will love to do a 2 day cleanse. You will stop eating on a Wednesday evening and no food till Saturday morning. Instead you will nutritional cleanse your body with supporting products after which you will feel regenerated and sleep so soundly at night”; I would have laughed and said no chance as I love my food and the whole concept of eating. Don’t get me wrong it’s normal to eat but I got to the point where food and alcohol was becoming an emotional crutch that I turned to. However I had to try it to get the best potential out of the ISAGENIX products that I had invested in. read more…

Jane 2.0 Disneyland!

So I’ve been seriously on the ISAGENIX plan on the run up to Christmas. I was determined not to put any weight on and watch my eating habits. However, I wanted to have the odd glass of wine and a dessert now and then, relax and enjoy CHIRSTMAS! read more…

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