Jane Says….

I LOVE cleansing! (Call me a freak, but I do)

Six months ago if you said “you will love to do a 2 day cleanse. You will stop eating on a Wednesday evening and no food till Saturday morning. Instead you will nutritional cleanse your body with supporting products after which you will feel regenerated and sleep so soundly at night”; I would have laughed and said no chance as I love my food and the whole concept of eating. Don’t get me wrong it’s normal to eat but I got to the point where food and alcohol was becoming an emotional crutch that I turned to. However I had to try it to get the best potential out of the ISAGENIX products that I had invested in.

I had got my shake days down consistently and felt confident I could handle the cleanse phase of ISAGENIX. I prepped the rest of the family’s food for 2 days and explained to my husband how this was going to work for him and me.

Day 1. I followed the hourly cleanse schedule and felt this worked for me as I was able to have the routine of a hourly intake of products and this encouraged me to consume water at these times. By 4pm I was shattered. I won’t lie I was hungry. However it became a mind over matter thing. I could do this and rid the toxins from my body. By 6pm I was ready for bed and freezing cold. By 7.30pm I was sound asleep. No food, just the products. I slept soundly for 9hrs and 48 mins (4hours and 30 mins in deep sleep according to my Microsoft band).

Day 2. It was a breeze in comparison to Day 1. The hunger had disappeared. I still felt tired but I wasn’t craving like the day before. I had the same lull at 4pm that I powered through and again got into bed early and slept so soundly.

So I woke the next day and felt amazing! Two nights of excellent sleep, cleansing with superior products and 6lbs down! That morning ISALEAN shake tasted amazing and I was reset and on track to continue on the program.

I’ve done the cleanse phase a handful of times now and each time I hit some sort of mental block but I find the key is keeping busy, staying positive and having faith in yourself and the products. Now I look forward to cleansing as it means I get some good quality sleep, test my mental capabilities and enjoy the physical changes.

Now I love the ISAGENIX cleanse phase! I look forward to my 2 day cleanse (call me crazy, but if you actually do it you will see why!)